Kenya is still recovering from the widespread political violence that swept across the country following the much disputed 2007 presidential election. In spite of a highly polarized political climate, there are nevertheless signs of a new political agenda emerging as Kenya approaches elections in March 2013. To support multiparty democracy in Kenya, the Liberal Party of Denmark (Venstre)/ Danish Liberal Democracy Programme collaborates with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy- Kenya on strengthening the political participation of youth and political party communication.


The transition to multiparty democracy in Kenya in the early 1990s initially proceeded peacefully. However, in 2007, the two presidential candidates, Mwai Kibaki of the Party of National Unity (PNU) and Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), both claimed victory following a heated election. With Kibaki declared the winner, violent protests with a strong ethnic undertone swept across the country. The post-election clashes left 1300 killed and more than 600,000 people internally displaced. A coalition government was formed in 2008 following months of negotiation. Kibaki retained Presidency, while Odinga claimed the newly established post as Prime Minister.

Today, in spite of a polarized political climate and strained relationship between the former rivals, there are nevertheless signs of a new political agenda emerging.  Not least the adoption of a new constitution in August 2010 is an important hallmark as the country approaches Presidential and Parliamentary elections in March 2013. Also, new laws related to political parties and elections have been put in place; among them the Political parties Act 2011, The Elections Act 2011, The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act 2011 and the Leadership and Integrity Act.

DIPD in Kenya

The Liberal Party of Denmark and Centre for Multiparty Democracy Kenya

To contribute to multiparty democracy in Kenya, the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP) established by the Liberal Party of Denmark (Venstre) through funds from DIPD, has joined forces with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy–Kenya (CMD-K). The first project was ran from November 2011 until the end of 2013. The project has been further extended and now runs until the end of 2017. For both project periods, the collaboration focuses on two issues of key importance to political life in Kenya: youth in politics and political party communication.


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Liberal Alliance and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)

The partnership between Liberal Alliance and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) was launched in March 2016. The project seeks to improve the relation between the political parties and the civil society so both parties will be able to cooperate on promoting a peaceful, issue-based political dialogue. The current phase of the project runs until November 2017.


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