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The Socialist People’s Party of Denmark and Movimento al Socialismo (MAS)

In 2012, the Board of DIPD approved a proposal from the Danish Socialist Party, SF, to enter into a partnership with Movimento al Socialismo (MAS). Since then, SF and MAS have worked on two projects together – both having their main focus on building and strengthening a political culture.

Background – Introducing the Partner

SF and the cooperation partner in Bolivia MAS had already initiated a partnership before engaging in a project within the DIPD framework. The two parties share an interest in social justice and sustainable use of common resources and they had engaged in a close cooperation on climate policies ahead of the COP 15 conference in Copenhagen.

MAS can be characterized as a hybrid of a political party and a federation of social movements. The leadership of the party is composed of representatives of the constituent organisations affiliated to MAS.

Capacity building

The aim of the project is to support a process of change and consolidation in the party organization of MAS-IPSP that has been initiated by the first project. The project will therefore disseminate the already developed tools and strategies for conflict management and consensual policy making to more members, representatives and key persons of the MAS-IPSP and its social movements at a regional level.

How will it be done?

The project aims to ensure sustainability by establishing a team of internal trainers (moderators) in MAS, who on a future basis can conduct workshops in conflict management and ensure that the methods are shared in all levels of the party. Further, the team will be trained to form a group of mediators, who can be used for solving internal conflicts in MAS-IPSP. To ensure purposeful use of the team a strategy for its work will be developed and integrated into the statutes of the party.

Furthermore, to contribute to improved governance in terms of efficiency and transparency the project will work with capacity building of newly elected assemblymen by offering workshops in conflict management; methods and tools of communication and dialogue, which can be utilized to strengthen the newly elected in their communication, consultation and interaction with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Details on the workshops on conflict management 
    The workshops will be conducted in all 9 regional departments of MAS. To ensure equality each workshop will include 45 participants consisting of 15 women, 15 men and 15 representatives of the youth branches.

The overall aim of the previous project was to create an organizational coherence. Therefore the main focus was to strengthen the political dialogue between the government, the party organisation and the social organisations by enhancing the organisational tools and strategies for handling political disagreement within the party. By developing a consensual conflict management, the cohesiveness of the political organisation has been strengthened.

The current project will run until the end of 2017.


  • Title: “Capacity to Manage Change and Consolidation” Applicant: Socialistisk Folkeparti – Socialist People’s Party
  • Partner: Movimiento al Socialismo – Instrumento Politico por la Soberainia de los Pueblos, Movement for Socialism – Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP)
  • Period:   April 2016 – December 2017

The Socialist People’s Party

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