The Red-Green Alliance and Marcha Patriótica (MAPA)

In Colombia DIPD supports the initial phase of a party-to-party cooperation between The Red-Green Alliance and Marcha Patriótica (MAPA) – an umbrella organization of 2,000 civil society organizations. The DIPD board has approved the funding of a visit to MAPA in order to investigate the possibility of a partnership in March 2017. The visit takes place in June 2017.

About the partnership

The initial phase aims at assessing how The Red-Green Alliance can support MAPA in developing a training system that via political and organizational capacity building can strengthen MAPA’s leaders, candidates and activists in their participation in the democratic opening of Colombia, in the wake of the current peace process. At the same time, MAPA wishes to lead the spread of the peace accords as part of a project on “pedagogy for peace” where people are educated in analysing their own political, social and economic reality so that they can actively participate in their local community and democratic institutions.

As a central part of the initial phase, the Red-Green Alliance will pay a visit to MAPA, where the possibility of a joined project will be clarified.

As part of the visit, the Red-Green Alliance has made a series of videos. The videos are available on this YouTube channel. Watch the first video below.

Marcha Patriótica (MAPA)

Marcha Patriótica (MAPA) is an umbrella organization of 2,000 civil society organizations that encompasses local and national unions, human rights organisations and movements for farmers, students, women and indigenous people. MAPA has approximately 300,000 members.

Politically, MAPA ranges from socialists and communists to social democrats and progressive liberals. Their common goal is redistribution from Colombia’s elite to the big poor majority, a peaceful solution to the conflict on land and a democratisation of the Colombian society. MAPA sees the peace process as a political and democratic opening and works towards giving the voices of civil society a place in the implementation of the peace accord.

The Red-Green Alliance

The Red-Green Alliance was formed in 1989 as an electoral alliance of various parties and movements on the Danish left wing. The party currently holds 14 of 179 seats in the Danish Parliament, which makes them the second biggest opposition party. The goal of the Red-Green Alliance is a world based on solidarity, equality for all, and where the free development of the individual is the condition for the free development of all. Currently, the focus of the Red-Green Alliance is on a political struggle against neo-liberal policies.

More information

Read more about the project on The Red-Green Alliance’s homepage (in Danish)

Visit the English homepage of The Red-Green Alliance

Visit the homepage of Marcha Patriótica (in Spanish)

Contact Project Coordinator at Red-Green Alliance, Anne Rehder, at

Contact Project Coordinator at DIPD, Bo Karlsen at