The Red-Green Alliance and DFLP, PPP and FIDA

The Danish Red-Green Alliance and the Palestinian Left

Since early 2013, The Danish Red-Green Alliance (RGA) has had a partnership project in Palestine with three left-wing political parties, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), and Palestinian Democratic Union (FIDA).

The Swedish VIF (International Forum of the Left) also participates in the partnership project.

The project aims to develop relations and strengthen cooperation between the three Palestinian parties by increasing cooperation between their youth organizations and at the same time to further the position of the young members and women in the parties. Empowering youth and women in the parties is carried out with a view to enhancing the social and political role of the left and to strengthen democracy in the political life and in the Palestinian society.

Objectives and activities

Project activities are divided in three clusters pertaining to the specific objectives in the project.

Firstly, the project aims to improve the youth members’ ideological and political knowledge and concrete campaigning and planning skills. Activities related to this objective include seminars aiming at educating the young members of the three organizations in political theoretical and ideological subjects: Secularism, socialism, women’s rights, neo-liberalism, and role of the youth in the politics. These activities are combined with training seminars aiming at building the capacities of the young members of the three organizations focusing on themes like planning and executing campaigns and building alliances.

Secondly, the partnership aims to enhance the influence and participation of youth and women in the parties and political life. In order to work towards this objective, workshops are conducted on how to promote the participation and influence of the youth and women in the parties. Party members discuss and develop strategies on how to further their position in the mother-parties.

Lastly, the project aims at strengthening and developing the cooperation between the youth organisations by facilitating party members’ participation in each other’s youth summer camps. Implementation of joint seminars, workshops, campaigns, and joint meetings for discussing the perspectives of forming a formalised youth frame for the youth organisations have likewise been carried out during the project. Also, young Palestinians who are involved in project from the three parties participated in the RGA’s Annual Congress in April 2013.

The partnership between RGA, VIF, DFLP, PPP and FIDA is currently in its second phase, which will run until the summer of 2017.

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The Red-Green Alliance also has DIPD party-to-party partnerships in Swaziland and is currently assessing the possibility of starting a partnership with PYD in the Kurdish areas of northern Syria.

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Visit the website of project partner VIF (The Left International Forum, a division of the Swedish Left Party)