In Malawi

The Danish Socialist People’s Party, the Danish Liberal Party and Centre for Multiparty Democracy; Malawi

The Danish Socialist People’s Party and the Danish Liberal Party have joined forces and initiated a new joint democracy project with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy, Malawi in early 2016. The project seeks to contribute to the strengthening of youth involvement in political parties in Malawi.

About the partnership

The overall purpose of the cooperation is to contribute to the development of a political culture based on democratic dialogue in and between political parties, increasing inclusion of members and involvement of young people in the development of issue-based policies.

By cooperation between two ideologically opposite Danish political parties, the intent is to show in practice how democratic dialogue, inter-party cooperation and political negotiation is taking place between the Danish political parties and their respective youth wings; the Danish Liberal Youth and the Danish Left Green Youth. Through CMD- Malawi the project seeks to engage with five political parties in Malawi.

The aim of the project is to ensure that:

  1. The youth in politics are able to influence the policy direction within their political parties
  2. The youth are better represented in the decision making structures of political parties
  3. The youth are more visible, playing a meaningful role in politics and promote youth policies and plans for the implementation of the Malawian National Youth Policy of 2013

More specifically the partnership focuses on:

  1. High-level advocacy with adult party leadership through dialogue between the adult representatives and leaders from the mother-parties and the political active youngsters. It is expected that exchange of experiences between adult leaders of the political parties and the leaders from the Danish mother-parties will contribute to demonstrate to the Malawian adult leaders the advantages of providing space for youth and ensure their active involvement in the parties.
  1. Push to reform of internal party constitutions through facilitation of strategy-formulation on how to generate space for involvement in or related to the political parties and increase the political interest and motivation among youth in Malawi. It is very important that this project is oriented towards the mother-party and its leaders, just as much as it target the youth directly. Exchange of experiences between the political parties and affiliated youth in Malawi and with Danish mother-parties and their youth wings VU and SFU will contribute with concrete inspiration on how to organize, mobilize and provide space for youth in the political parties, although stressing that the Malawian parties should identify their own models for involving youth.
  1. Empowerment of youth in Malawi through training and capacity development in ways designed for youth. Exchange of experiences between the political engaged youth in Malawi and the Danish youth wings VU and SFU will contribute very concretely with inspiration and empowerment to how the young Malawians want to organize and make space for youth in the political parties.

The project was approved by the DIPD Board in 2016.

Centre for Multiparty Democracy Malawi

The Centre for Multiparty for Democracy is a dialogue platform for political parties in Malawi, which sets out to contribute to the consolidation of multiparty democracy. Registered as a trust in August 2005, the political party members under CMD are represented in the National Assembly and a block of representation of non- parliamentary parties. CMD’s mission is to work to promote a well-functioning multiparty political system and accountable political parties in Malawi.

 The Liberal Party of Denmark

Founded in 1871, the Liberal Party of Denmark (Venstre) is one of the oldest parties in Denmark. The party currently forms a single-party minority government, following 4 years in opposition and is the third largest party in parliament with 34 out of 179 seats. The Liberal party is member of Liberal International, and at European level full member of the European Liberal Democratic and Reform Party (ELDR). To manage their international DIPD projects, the Liberal Party has established the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP). Through DIPD, DLDP also collaborates with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy in Kenya, and the National Restoration Party (NAREP) in Zambia.

The Socialist People’s Party of Denmark

The Socialist People’s Party of Denmark was founded in 1959 and its politics is based on popular socialism, inspired by green politics and democratic socialism. Following the 2015 election, the party led by Pia Olsen Dyhr is part of the opposition, having secured 7 out of 179 seats in parliament. The party also has a partnership with Movimento al Socialismo (MAS) in Bolivia.

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