The Danish Red-Green Alliance and Swaziland’s PUDEMO

In March 2013, The Danish Red-Green Alliance (RGA) entered into a new partnership with the Swazi political movement the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO). The project aims to increase the capacity of PUDEMO to be a more visible and credible political force within and outside Swaziland. After finalizing the first phase of the partnership, PUDEMO and RGA entered a second phase at the end of 2015. This second phase will last until the summer of 2017.

About the partnership

The overall objective is to increase the capacity of PUDEMO to be a more visible and credible political force within and outside Swaziland and, in the long run, to achieve a democratic transformation of the Swazi society in which the Swazi population participate in defining their future.


The project focuses on especially three elements:

  1. Capacity building: Strengthen PUDEMOs internal capacity in order to improve organisation, administration and day to day functionality through training programmes and employment of skills.
  2. Internal Policy Coherence: Develop research and policy capacity in order to strengthen strategies for democratic reform, and to build practical programmes of co-operation between activists, academics, policy analysts and others working on policy research and development. This will be achieved by reference group meetings, internal organisation meetings and workshops.
  3. Civic Education and Mobilisation (internally & externally): Build public awareness at the national and local level of the extremes of poverty, the abuse of human rights and the positive impact of change in order to gain support for democratic reforms in Swaziland. Activities include identification of cadreship, training programme-workshop, materials development, establishment of information management system and field visits.

The People’s United Democratic Movement

PUDEMO was formed by a group of intellectuals, students and workers in 1983. It is a political movement based on a variety of Swazi movements and is still today more akin to a broad-based movement than a political party. PUDEMO’s aim is to establish a constitutional multi-party democracy, a transparent and accountable government, an environment conducive to economic growth, and economic empowerment and the development of a culturally vibrant and tolerant society based on maximum participation and respect of the will of the people.

The Danish Red-Green Alliance

The RGA was formed in 1989 as an electoral alliance of various parties and movements on the Danish left wing. The party currently holds 14 of 179 seats in the Danish Parliament, which makes them the second biggest opposition party. The goal of the Red-Green Alliance is a world based on solidarity, equality for all, and where the free development of the individual is the condition for the free development of all. Currently, the focus of the Red-Green Alliance is on a political struggle against neo-liberal policies.

More information

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The Danish Red-Green Alliance also has a project the Occupied Palestinian Territories and is currently assessing the possibility of initiating a partnership with PYD in the Kurdish areas of northern Syria.

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