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The Danish Alternative Party and Nepal’s Naya Shakti Party

The Danish Alternative Party initiated the pilot phase of the democracy project partnership with Nepal’s Naya Shakti Party in early 2016. The project seeks to contribute to the development of Nepal’s democracy by providing support towards strengthening the capabilities of the newly established party Naya Shakti, particularly with a focus on communication.

The partnership project was approved by the DIPD Board in March 2016.

About the partnership

The overall purpose of the cooperation is to contribute to the development of Nepal’s democracy through support towards the strengthening of the capabilities of the new political party Naya Shakti.

More specifically through a focus on:

Communication as a mean toward the following objectives: Building a democratic culture of transparent organizational structures and processes within Naya Shakti; development of political program of the party through involvement of the people; the environmental and climate intentions in the constitution is translated into Naya Shakti’s political program and strengthened skills in communication involvement.

Key focus in the first phase of the project will be:

  • Alternative means and methods of communication: that involves youth, women and minorities and creates transparent access to decision-making within the party.

A point of departure will be taken in the Alternative’s recent experience and communication strategies that have been a key component to its success. The focus of cooperation will be on  social media, movies, the narrative of the party, how to debate, how to embrace your opponent when being political attacked and how a party can change parts of a political culture by turning the communication ”upside down” and being the example the party preaches.

The first activities commenced in March 2016, when a 3-person delegation from Naya Shakti visited Denmark with the purpose of sharing knowledge and co-creating the content of the seminars in the partner country to make sure the level of complexity reflect the identified target audience. The Alternative also  introduced their method of political laboratories. Furthermore, workshops with particular focus on the communication drawing upon experiences from Danish election in 2015 and post-election communication work were held. The next activity took place in April, conducting seminars in Nepal with a delegation of dedicated members and strategy and communication advisor from The Alternative that went to Nepal to conduct capacity development in form of training of trainers from the different regional branches of the party.

Naya Shakti

In November 2015, former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai announced that he would create the new political party, Naya Shakti. The party does not adhere to a specific political ideology. Instead, the party claims to be committed to translate core values of democracy such as internal party democracy, transparency, and accountability into practice in order to realize the mission of changing the political culture in Nepal.

The Alternative

The Alternative was founded in 2013 and its politics is based on six core values (transparency, humility, generosity, empathy, courage, and humor), a strong entrepreneurial sentiment and a firm belief in human potential and creativity, rather than a specific ideology. Although it is the youngest party in Parliament, it secured 9 of 179 seats at the Danish Parliamentary election in June 2015. The party leader is Uffe Elbæk.

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