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Liberal Alliance and VERDES (No longer active)

In March 2013 Liberal Alliance entered into a partnership with one of the key opposition parties in Bolivia: VERDES. The general objective of the project was to assist VERDES in building a credible, coherent, effective and sustainable national alternative to MAS, thus insuring, that Bolivia can take a first step towards recreating a real multiparty system.

About the partnership

The objective of the project was to develop the territorial and organizational structure and capacity of VERDES, moving it from a regional party to a national party. This process had the purpose of strengthening pluralistic democracy in Bolivia, by ensuring that Bolivian voters have real choice in the 2014 elections, thus taking a first step towards the creation of a true multiparty state.


Several projects activities was undertaken, amongst others:

  • To develop and agree upon a core political program, that resonates with the aspirations of a majority of the Bolivian people and applies local and regional themes to national politics.
  • To analyze the major strengths and weaknesses of the political program in different Bolivian departments through the use independent focus groups.
  • To organize an international conference with the purpose of educating VERDES’ representatives in the organizational skills needed to establish and run an efficient party at local, regional and national levels, and to run a strong and successful political campaign.
  • To organize regional conferences on the core political program and on organizational development and capacity building in all 9 departments of Bolivia.
  • To organize the first VERDES national conference on the core political program and on organizational development and capacity building.
  • To assist the building of a well-structured organization by training both political leaders and active members.


VERDES was founded in 2009. The party and its leader Ruben Costas are in opposition to the socialist regime of President Evo Morales. Its mission and purpose is to create a society based on full respect for human rights, freedom, justice and social inclusion, solidarity, peace, equitable and modern, open to development and progress, thus achieving fully the dignity of every human being.

Liberal alliance

Formed in 2007 on a liberal ideology. The party has 9 of 179 seats in the Danish Parliament and is currently in opposition. Liberal Alliance advocates for personal freedom, lower taxes, an attractive business climate and a more efficient public sector. Alongside these themes, Liberal Alliance favors local democracy over central planning, and places importance on decisions being made as close to the citizen as possible.

Project overview

Applicant: Liberal Alliance

Title: Building an alternative

Partner: VERDES

Country: Bolivia

Period: 2013–2014

More information

Bolivia country profile


Liberal Alliance (in Danish only)


Contact: Mathias Parsbæk Skibdal, Project Coordinator at DIPD