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The lack of representation of women in politics is an important challenge for the young democracy in Bhutan. To get a better insight into the challenges facing women and encourage debate and more women to stand forward, KCD Productions has produced the educational resource book “Raise Your Hand” as well as the documentary film on women in politics “Bhutan Women Forward”. KCD productions is also the team behind the film “Yes Madam Prime Minister” (“La, Aum Lyonchhen”) from 2012, also supported by DIPD.

Documentary – “Bhutan Women Forward”

Bhutan has undergone vital changes since democracy was first introduced by the king in 2008. Still, a key challenge remains for the young democracy: the political participation and representation of women. Following the 2013 elections, less than 7 of the members of Parliament are women, and on local level only one of the 205 village leaders is female.

The documentary film “Bhutan Women Forward” documents the journey of the female candidates to the 2013 elections in Bhutan to “go behind the scenes” and get a better insight and understanding of the issues facing women in politics.

Education Material – “Raise Your Hand”

The educational resource book “Raise Your Hand”, documenting the first national and local government elections as well as the profiles and experiences of Bhutan’s first female elected leaders and seeks to inform especially high school students about the political journey of Bhutan and spark debate on women in politics.

While especially targeting students, the book can be recommended to all interested in democracy in Bhutan and the experience of women in politics.

The documentary and book were launched in October 2013 with the participation of Her Royal Highness Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck, His Excellency the Prime Minister, and the first female Minister of Bhutan, Honorouable Lyonpo Dorji Choden.

 Yes Madam Prime Minister

KCD productions is also the team behind the series of media activities entitled “Yes Madam Prime Minister” (“La, Aum Lyonchhen”) from 2012, also supported by DIPD. The initiative included a Radio Drama Series, TV Spots, an online Forum and, not least, the documentary ‘Yes, Madam Minister’, which also features a range of prominent women in politics in Denmark.  The project was launched in September 2012.

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Background on KCD Productions

KCD productions is founded by former BBS television Anchor and Producer Kesang Chuki Dorjee. She has previously been engaged in a wide range of projects on democracy and women in politics. Previously productions include: “Nangi Aums to Go-thrips” or “ Housewives to Leaders” (2011) along with Four regional workshops and creating a website forum [UN Women/UNDP/Ministry of Education], “Bhutan’s Invisible Workforce” (2010) National Commission for Women & Children, “Changing Lives” (2010) Youth Development Fund and “Understanding Democracy” (2007) UNDP.

More Information

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More about “Yes Madam Prime Minister”

The political participation and representation of women is a key focal point for DIPD supported initiatives in Bhutan, which also include research on Government policies and the importance of media for a democratic culture. DIPD also supports Bhutan Network for Empowering WomenBhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, and Centre for Research Initiatives.


KCD Productions

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