In Bhutan

Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy

Democracy was introduced in Bhutan in 2008, and a democratic culture has thus yet to find firm footing in the small kingdom in the Himalayas. To support the democratic transition in Bhutan,  DIPD supports a project by the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy focused on strengthening media and democracy literacy, expanding public discussion, and resource/knowledge production.

About the Project

The project entitled ‘Strengthening Media and Democracy in Bhutan’ seeks to foster a democratic culture in Bhutan through a strengthening of media and democracy literacy through  sensitisation of information focal persons as the Geog Administration officers on the role of media and citizenship in democracy as well as training in information sharing; expanding public discussion through seminars that bring together elected political leaders, civil society and press to discuss different areas of democracy; and production of different knowledge products on media and democracy. The project was approved by the DIPD Board in May 2012 and is set to run 2012-2013.

As part of the project, BCMD has e.g. launched the Radio Soap series Jurwa, or”Changing Times” – a story with comedy, romance, suspense and the tensions of a small community in Bhutan in contemporary times, which highlights some of the challenges of creating a new democracy.

Hear the Teaser and take a look behind the scenes:

The Radio soap series will run from 27 April to 21 May 2013, so tune into BBS Radio(Dzongkha Channel) every night at 8:15pm to listen in!

Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy

Established in 2008, Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) – a non-partisan civil society organisation based in Thimphu, Bhutan – works to promote a culture of democracy in partnership with constitutional agencies, the Parliament of Bhutan, government and private sector, other CSOs and media, among others.

BCMD conducts training, workshops, forums, seminars and conference, produce publications and pilots numerous initiatives to deepen democracy in Bhutan.

More Information

The political participation and representation of women is a key focal point for DIPD supported initiatives in Bhutan, which also include research on Government policies and the importance of media for a democratic culture.  Besides BCMD, our partners include KCD ProductionsCentre for Research Initiatives and support to the newly established platform for women, Bhutan Network for Empowering Women.