The Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) was established by the Danish Parliament in May 2010. The purpose of DIPD is to strengthen and complement the Danish democracy assistance, through supporting political parties and multi-party systems in selected developing countries.

The institute works with supporting party cooperation and capacity building of democratic parties in developing countries. The parties in the Danish Parliament participate in this work through party-to-party activities and by contributing to DIPD activities.

See: Act 530 on the establishment of the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy adopted May 2010.

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The Danish Political Parties play a key role in DIPD. All 9 political parties in parliament are represented on the DIPD Board. Also, the parties are active in the project activities of DIPD through Party-to-Party Partnerships in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Click the party’s logo to read more about the party and its activities with DIPD.

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